Life Insurance

It Is All About The Right Decision, You Want The People That Rely On You To Maintain Their Established Pattern Of Living.

It is all about the right decision, you want the people that rely on you to maintain their established pattern of living. The income continuation feature of your life insurance program should ensure that lifestyle.

  • What is your family’s desired monthly income?
  • What monthly income would your family receive from other sources?
  • How many years should your monthly income last?
  • Do you have any debts?
  • Do you have a mortgage to pay off?
  • Do you need money for your children’s studies?
  • What other particular financial needs do you need to cover?

Immediate Cash Needs


A comprehensive life insurance program assures that your family will not suffer unforeseen economic consequences when you die. You want to know they are taken care of. So your program should provide an adequate settlement fund to cover personal debts, emergency reserve fund and other expenses.


  • Mortgage Fund * Your home is likely your largest asset. A mortgage fund can guarantee that your family can stay in their home and protect your established life plan.
  • Liabilities *Personal debts (credit cards, personal loans, student loans, car loans, etc.), emergency reserve fund (extraordinary medical expenses, a reserve for emergency and unexpected expenses, 5%-10% of annual income is suggested) and other expenses.

For Education


Parents know their children can´t pay the price for not having a sound education. Having a life policy that will ensure that your children´s school and college will be paid for, in the event you die, is among the strongest needs to leave them covered.


  • Estimated Cost for Children to finish school?
  • Estimated Cost for a Four-Year College?
  • Number of Children?

UFC and Life insurance


We offer a variety of life insurance products from the industry’s most prominent carriers. When deciding what carriers to work with, UFC follows a strict set of standards, which include financial strength, industry ratings, customer service, products, and more.

Having life insurance provides protection for your family and their future. If you have a mortgage and other financial responsibilities, protecting the necessary income should be a priority in order to ensure that they can survive economically in your absence.

Protect your family with one of these options:


  • Life insurance with cash value accumulation: A permanent life insurance with cash value accumulation that can be used in the future for retirement, education, and other purposes.
  • Universal life insurance: Another life insurance product that provides coverage for the rest of your life, with capital growth at a fixed rate. A permanent life insurance policy is ideal for clients who want capital growth.
  • Term life insurance: A life insurance policy for a specific period of time from 10-30 years. It does not have cash value accumulation/capital growth. One of the advantages of having a term life insurance policy is the affordability. The coverage ends at the end of the term purchased.

For us at UFC it is not about selling a policy, it is about protecting your loved ones. Allow us to understand your needs so we can provide you with the best possible option in the market.