UFC provides a breadth of services that protect you, your family, or your company from unexpected events. When confronted with an illness, injury, economic downturn, or anything in between, having chosen the right plan will keep you covered and in control. UFC emphasizes insurance without borders, and we offer portable plans that cover you across different countries, giving you one less thing to worry about when you travel or move.

Health Insurance

Nobody can protect you from an unexpected illness, but UFC can protect your hard earned investments and savings from high medical expenses.

Life Insurance

If the worst comes to pass, make sure your loved ones are able to maintain their quality of life.

Critical Illness

In the case that you or a loved one is diagnosed with a grave illness, your plan with UFC will provide benefits that will give you the freedom to focus on treatment.

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from financial loss during international travel, so that no medical emergency, cancelation, or delay can get in your way.

Disability Insurance

In the case of an accident or illness that leaves you unable to work, make sure that your income is protected and that you and your loved ones can still maintain  your lifestyle and pay your usual expenses.

Pensions and Investments

Plan for your individualized retirement; start early with UFC by tailoring a pension plan and investments to your specific needs, so that you may retire comfortably and live in the manner to which you’re accustomed.